Diana Petersen

About Diana Petersen Lampshades

I love it when people compliment me on how my home is decorated and furnished. It always takes me by surprise because, to me, it is never finished. As soon as one project is finished another starts – well to be honest, I’m often working on several projects at once. I am addicted to painting, decorating, upholstery and haberdashery and have even made careers out of some of them. I ran Brushes and Sisters – an all-female painting and decorating company and later had an outlet selling the upcycled furniture I’d produced.

However, it is lampshades that give me the most pleasure. They are the most demanding things I’ve made, requiring patience, dexterity, a great deal of thought and even more trial and error.

Custom Lampshades

I enjoy the challenge presented by a new lampshade project. Whether it’s a shape I’ve never worked on before or a material that needs careful manipulation and layout, I’d rather work on these than continuously produce standard designs.